A Blog Dedicated to Women’s Suffrage

Hey all! I just stumbled upon a new blog (thanks to the H-Net list serv) and as a historian specifically interested in women I had to share this with all the Fun with History readers.

Votes for Women appears to be the blog for Suffrage Campaign Wagon website. This website is dedicated to recalling the history of the “Spirit of 1776″ wagon used by Edna Buckman Kearns in her efforts toward suffrage in New York state. From their website:

It was donated by I.S. Remson, a Brooklyn carriage maker, to the New York State Woman Suffrage Association in 1913. The presentation to the state organization made big news at the time, including an article in the New York Times. Part of the attention given to the old wagon stemmed from the belief that it had been built by a revolutionary patriot on Long Island in 1776. This was part of its appeal when it traveled from town to town on Long Island and when it was featured in New York City suffrage parades. The legend about the wagon’s origins no doubt was responsible for the fact that the wagon was preserved and it has survived to the present day. Other horse-drawn suffrage wagons were used on trips and in suffrage organizing, but most –if not all– reverted to other uses after their missions were fulfilled. Only in the past decade has it become known for certain that the “Spirit of 1776” was built later, perhaps after 1820, and not in 1776 as the wagon donor company, I.S. Remson believed. The wagon is important as a symbol of grassroots campaign organizing of the period. The suffrage campaign wagon is in the permanent collection of the New York State Museum in Albany, New York.

The blog is filled with brief posts about moments in the suffrage movement’s history. I’ve included in my blogroll listed to the right. I recommend taking a gander and taking a quick tour of women in history.

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I am a PhD candidate studying US History. I am interested in gender, children, and religious history in the 19th-century US. I love running. I have a pretty cool husband and family. View all posts by Meg G.

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